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Ugly friend
I’m tired of being the ugly friend and being treated like that everyday everyone notices and they all have something to say I can’t help it I can’t make myself look different and I’m just tired of living the way that I do and when I try to talk to people about how I feel they make me feel like a bitch saying I care about what other guys think or whatever but that’s not it I just wanted someone to treat me like I was better than her and not have to fake it I don’t think you understand how many guys have told me “yeah you’re pretty but she’s gorgeous” or “I don’t want to lead you on but the only reason I talked to you was to piss Her off” but you wouldn’t understand and I’m tired of telling people why I feel like this because it’s pointless and you don’t listen to it anyways and I just wanted one person to make me feel special like they just see me and no one else when they walk into the room or some stupid shit like that but that’s so stupid now that I think about it and anytime I’m with Her I’m the one who gets ignored because she’s there and in all honesty I understand why because I’m average and average people don’t get noticed it’s life and I need to accept that. Saying this out loud sounds beyond pathetic and I get mad because I’ll never be better and no one sees Her the way I do and when they do they tell me I’m basically a second choice for them, because every guy I’ve ever tried to talk to tries to talk to her first, because I have “such a beautiful personality” compared to her and if they would’ve known that they would’ve talked to me first. But they talked to her because she’s beautiful and last time I tried talking to you about this you changed the subject, ignored everything I said and practically agreed with me. I’m just tired of trying so hard and getting nowhere I just completely give up. (via blow69me)
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